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Clarity is a change and brand consultancy and our core purpose is to improve our customers' brand reputation in the world.

what we do

Effective communication is central to everything we do at Clarity, it’s our north star that guides us toward the pursuit of purpose and the need to fully understand the issues our clients are facing. Once understood, it’s easier to develop solutions that are strategic, creative and sustainable. Ensuring everyone understands may seem a simple task, but it takes insight, focus and a determination to cut through the noise.

This is what gives Clarity an edge and a difference that our clients respect and value.

Our clients tell us they value us for our:

  • Impartial advice and insights that helps them to move their business forward
  • Creative solutions based on strategic insights
  • Disruptive and challenging thinking
  • Responsiveness and agility
  • Fees that reflect value delivered and measurable outcomes
  • Personable approach – we value working with personable people

brand engine methodology

our dna for brand success.

every brand building process demands a combination of investigation, strategic thinking, design excellence, and project management skills. It requires an extraordinary amount of patience, an obsession with getting it right, and an ability to synthesise vast amounts of information.

Clarity Brand Engine

engineer | transform | connect

Engineering the brand you deserve

Clarity finds the right words to express new ideas, simplify complex issues, and empower clients to communicate in the most effective and meaningful ways. We innovate by bringing together emotion, creativity and rigour to design brand experiences that surprise, delight and drive measurable results. Armed with a distinctive brand and compelling proposition, new markets and opportunities can be exploited, building a reputation for engineering excellence and superior service. 

Engineering the Brand

engineer | transform | connect

Transformation at its best

When embarking on any transformation, a new or revitalised brand needs to stand out in the crowded engineering space while uniting their people and shareholders. A ‘north star’ is required to align everyone in the business. Revisiting the company vision and values is a good start to re-establish brand relevance, raise awareness and attraction among stakeholders, realign everyone around purpose, redefine business models for profitable growth and, ultimately, revitalise the value of a key intangible asset – the brand.

Transformation at its Best

engineer | transform | connect

Connecting your branding dots

A brand’s success is measured by the summation of the touchpoints all stakeholders –customers, employees, partners, investors, community – have with an organisation. This diverse audience needs to believe in the brand promise, delivered in a consistent way with a unique experience that provides value and delight. By connecting the dots – every brand message, image and experience, it’s possible to build a brand that has stronger foundations, resilient in times of change or uncertainty.

Clarity, Connecting the Dots
A Client Voice

a client voice

“Clarity is modern brand enhancement and more. Many people claim they know what it takes to make transformation happen within complex manufacturing organisations, Clarity truly does. They’re hands-on, measurable and fast. Put simply, Clarity brings creative genius to engineering environments in a very tangible way.”